Making Pre-Med Count

Making Pre-Med Count

Everything I wish I'd known before applying (successfully!) to med school

Elisabeth Fassas


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In Making Pre-Med Count, med student Elisabeth Fassas shares personal stories from her own experiences to help guide you through the pre-med process. You’ll get first-hand guidance and learn how to apply her advice to your own med school journey.

Counselors and checklists are helpful, but your pre-med journey cannot be boiled down to a list of activities and a collection of accolades. In Making Pre-Med Count, Fassas teaches you how to translate your accomplishments into a compelling and personalized med school application.

Fassas gets into the weeds of the pre-med years to touch on the most fundamental and gnawing questions that interested applicants must face. Using examples from her own journey from freshman year to acceptance, plus tips and tricks from her peers, she guides readers through an endless stream of conflicting advice towards preparing academically, mentally and psychologically for the med school application process.

Her advice starts with the idea that anything and everything can get you into medical school if you’re able to get into the heads of the admissions committee. You’ll also get her take on many of the questions raised in student forums.

Fassas, who will begin med school in the fall of 2019, helps relieve some of the common pre-med doubts, anxieties, and fears that you’ll feel. Making Pre-Med Count compiles Fassas’ advice in one place -- it’s like having your own personal med school advisor.


Elisabeth Fassas:
Elisabeth Fassas is a recent graduate of Johns Hopkins University (B.S. Molecular and Cellular Biology) and the London School of Economics (MSc. in International Health Policy) and future medical student. She is also an SAT and MCAT tutor for Kaplan, an avid dancer, and she makes a mean Nutella cheesecake. Elisabeth initially intended to take a single gap year before medical school, applying at the end of her senior year. However, she requested a referral of her admission for an extra year to work with McKinsey & Co., and will begin medical school (finally) in the fall of 2019.